Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bingo is The Boss

August 14, 2010

Hi Folks! I was resting this beautiful summer afternoon enjoying the lingering rays of the sun that sifted through the tree leaves, and I noticed that my friend was hanging out at the play ground where we live...

This handsome kitty's name is Lucky, he is a year older than me. He thinks he's smarter and faster than me. He's has a pretty big opinion about himself! Grrr. But I won't let him boss me around! Or tease me about anything!

Lucky came down from his roost high on the kids platform and decided he had to stir up some trouble with me. . . He said to me, "Hey Bingo, you smell funny today! You been carousing with the skunks lately? Or did you just roll in some horse manure?"

I replied with a growl, "Lucky, I have fangs that can puncture a lizard in one bite. I'll make mincemeat of you buddy. Watch out or It will be an afternoon you won't forget! You may be my best friend and older than me but I still can take you down!"

And to prove it I gave him a quick swipe with my paw. He saw the error in his way and left quietly.

I may be young but I can hold my own!

Bye for now,

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