Monday, September 6, 2010

Bingo's Journal-The Dog Days of Summer

Do you ever have days where you wander around aimlessly wondering where everyone else is in the world? It's like they are there, but not there. They are large and looming, but you have no idea how to find them.

Then there are the days when you just want to rest. Stretch out. Observe and think. I like to feel the gritty sand scratch my back in the giant litter box where the horses are ridden. Then I enjoy the feeling of fine particles of silt clinging softly to my fur giving it a powdery finish. So much for a shiny clean coat.

And I like to make strange faces while rolling in the sand. If I show my teeth I look like I might cause some trouble. Gosh the Tall Lady takes some strange photos of me. I think I may have to take away her camera some day. Or not . . .

Because, a scratch on the cheek by the Tall Lady can be really nice and very rewarding.

Sometimes I have to climb to new vantage points on the old back fence to oversee the world around me. New perspectives are good for a cat. I have to keep on my toes around this place. I never know what might happen next.

Like this..... Once again I have become butt up on the tail end of a joke . . .

Until next time.

Signing off,