Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bingo's Journal - It's All in a Days Work

Some days I am so very bored! The "hippo" yawns over take me even though I am supposed to be a Mighty Adventurer.

But today I saw something staring at me from behind a cluster of grass. There were bright yellow eyes beaming out from the plants and I had to investigate!

I think this cat thought he was invisible or something. But I carefully walked up to him just so I could meet him.

Oh, it's just Lucky. He's my friend and we chase each other rather frequently here on our farm.

Things were going well for this morning's greeting. I believed it was business as usual for my shiny, black-coated friend. A nice sniff and then we go exploring together.

But then I saw a wild twitch in his tail and a sparkle in his eye that told me trouble was on the way.
Then he jumped me!

I had no choice but to do a body lift and slam him!

See, I showed him. I don't think he'll try that wrestling move again any time soon.

It's all in a day's work for Bingo cause I am a Mighty Adventurer...or rather Mighty Wrestler!