Friday, October 1, 2010

Bingo's Journal - A Day In My Life

I seem to be sleeping a lot these days... The Tall Lady observes that I am always curled up in a happy kitty circle with my eyes tightly closed for many hours of the day.

What can I say? I am a CAT!

At least I am taking a nap in something that goes fast...usually.

But in my defense, I do spend a quite a bit of time running from the little humans on the farm. One little human in particular really likes to chase me. She takes of her paw coverings before she engages in her favorite form of "frolicking."

I'd think that her bare human feet would make it harder for her to bother me but NO! She seems to run FASTER!

Run Bingo, RUN!!!

It seems she takes a particular glee in seeing me scatter-gallop away from her screeching stampede.

Thus, when I am found sleeping, please note that I need the rest!

Please pass no judgment on my cat-like ways. I may be named after a very famous DOG, but I am still a feline.

I need my beauty sleep.