Thursday, November 4, 2010

November Here Already?

I am a cat, but I do pay attention to the seasons and I just noticed that it is already November! I have not updated my journal in a MONTH! The Tall Lady has told me I need to get to work and report on my latest outings.

Besides thinking in big words, I went exploring on the property. It's my job. I take it seriously. I am a cat explorer, or so I like to think so.

Today something startled me and I had to look a second time to make sure I could escape from it if needed! I may be Bingo, a Mighty Bold Adventurer, but I have my limits too! But then again, cats get scared pretty easily.

But it was only Gemma the Horse trotting across her field. She likes to run and kick and buck and sometimes she frightens me and I run away from her like a bee has stung my tail!

Seeing as Gemma was not threatening me with any bodily harm I investigated the new grasses that have sprouted since the last rains. Cat's are good at looking carefully at the ground. The plants and dirt were interesting to my kitty eyes for a few seconds. Then...

. . . I spotted The Boy! He was pulling a long blue string and it had to be chased. Like a moth to the flame I could not resist. I am not able to control my self! I was hooked! I am a cat who will chase strings, it's just instinct.

Then he pulled the string over the fence and I was in cat heaven! To play like this is the BEST!

Now if I could just teach him how to use the words exuberant, vibrant, and energetic! That would be a great trade for dragging this piece of baling twine for me.

While my job as a vocabulary wise cat is to introduce new words to kids, I still like my natural role as a curious cat too! It's just biological!

Bye for now,