Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bingo's Journal: Just Stop Following Me!

I know that I am a "celebrity" cat, but can't the paparazzi let up for just a little bit around here? The simplest things, like me taking a bath, seems to attract a crowd! I just need some privacy. Simple alone, by-myself time, me time, no one else time! Is that too much to ask?

I mean, how exciting is it to watch me lick my paw?! It's only dirty kitty fir and a wet tongue. I am simply a cat who likes to be clean. Come on!

So, then I went for a simple stroll out back, and there again, I was followed. And my picture was stolen from me. I was not so happy about it.

But then I found the blue pond and took a few sips of clean, clear water. Cat's are good at locating good water. That fresh drink perked me right up, and I didn't mind the camera flash quite so much. It was still annoying, but I just ignored it.

Thankfully, I found something fabulous out there in the barn. It was the Hay. Hay smells good to my kitty nose. It feels great on my cat fur coat and it gets all my itches scratched in an expedient manner. Obviously as a cat I can roll in the hay.

Finally, I climbed the hay bale tower and sacked out. Time for a nap. I rationalize that if I am not moving I am less likely to be stalked by the camera "person." She is very demanding.

Leading the life of the supermodel can be so taxing. I don't know how I do it. But I am a cat who can sleep on a bale of hay . . .

Bye for now,