Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bingo's Journal - Merry Christmas Bingo Style

A few weeks ago this tree with sparkly-dangley things showed up at my house. I thought trees were only supposed to be outside but apparently I was wrong! Even though we like to think so, cats don't know everything right?

The humans have been talking about something called Christmas. They've been wrapping and preparing and baking and doing lots of things I don't understand. I've been doing a lot of resting on the couch with a look of annoyance in preparation for this event . . .

I don't get all this hoopla about Christmas. I was thinking it was pretty boring, too.

But then last night while I was sniffing at some ribbons, I found my friend, Lucky, under the tree. Or rather HE found ME under the tree. Now that was something to get excited about! Cats are supposed to gather under the tree to play with presents right?

I thought there was the real potential for fun. I had visions of knocking over the tree or batting ornaments with Lucky's help. As an ambassador for cats I must endorse playing with things that I am not supposed to. Now things were starting to happen!!

I was all set to paw and pounce on Lucky when suddenly he needed to lick his paw. He was mumbling about stepping in chocolate and had to clean his fur.

Well, that was the extent of my Christmas fun . . . *sigh*

I am hoping for my own roll of ribbon next year. Can a cat ask for ribbon for Christmas? I sure hope so.

Until then . . . Merry Christmas!