Monday, March 7, 2011

Bingo's Journal - The Tall Lady has Published my Book as an e-book too!

Hi Humans!

Good news for all the ebook parents out there. Bingo's Big Adventure is now available as an epub book and can be downloaded for an iPad or other electronic reading devices at ePubBud. The Tall Lady resisted this movement in children's books, but decided that it was probably in the best interest of kids if an option for an electronic version of my book was available. It's amazing to think that Bingo's Big Adventure, a fun children's picture book, can now be purchased electronically for an iPad at only $3.99 through:

ePub Bud - Logo

EPubBud is a great site where anyone can self publish their books and sell them on line! Other titles are available on the site to purchase for low fees.

Another exciting news item is that under the ePubBud title, a new cover is available for Bingo's Big Adventure. It's flashy and bright and shows me (Bingo) stalking Mr. D the intrepid rooster. . .

So parents can buy a great epub children's picture book or "iBook" with excellent reviews and be paperless in the rapidly advancing electronic world! Bingo's Big Adventure, a children's picture story, is downloadable for an iPad or iPhone, Nookcolor or for Literati/Kobo.

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Bingo, The Mighty Adventurer