Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bingo's Journal-Cat's DO Like the Water

It's been raining a lot around here! And there suddenly appeared a ribbon of water flowing across my field. I heard the Tall Lady call it a seasonal creek. I call it wet.

But I've discovered that even though I am a cat, I can walk through water without melting.

See!! I am like a Bengal tiger crossing a channel. If this creek was deeper I think I could handle swimming through it . . . just so long as I can dry off on the Tall Ladies bed.

The water isn't very deep. In fact it barely touched my knees. Well if I have to be truthful, because I am a cat my legs aren't very long. But I can say that I am a cat who can walk through about three inches of water!

And I could get into a great spot for a drink! The water is clean and fresh and flowing. That is the best kind of water for sipping. Cats like to drink from these nice streams.

But . . . I just want to make sure no one saw me out here. I know we cats are not supposed to "like" water and I don't want to ruin our reputation. I hope the Tall Lady is inside the house. She does not need to see me walking in the creek water.

Well it seems the coast is clear! I better go back to looking for rodents now. Or maybe I can find a deeper spot to test my swimming skills. Hmmmm . . .