Monday, May 16, 2011

Bingo's Journal - Hay, Hay, Hay - I've been Laz-hay . . .

Greetings humans! It's Bingo the Mighty Adventurer here. I've been super busy this spring - doing tremendously important cat stuff - of course.

I sleep and I nap and I slumber and I rest.
I relax and I meditate and I gaze and I snooze.

My life is very taxing - for sure. I bet I look very stressed.
It's hard being a celebrity cat . . . .

I find my best snoozing spot out at the hay stacks in the barn. I am the BEST barn cat ever. I keep tabs on all that happens in the hay bales...

I just hate it when I poke my eye on a piece of hay - it's kind of embarrassing. But I push on with my patrol. Down I descend to inspect the lower levels of the hay. My cat senses tell me there may be something to eat.

I thought I heard a squeak of some kind. It's the sound of rodents that my super cat hearing can detect from within the hay bales. The small furry satellite dishes on my head never lie. But is the noise from mice or ground squirrels today? Hmmmmmmm. I'd like to find a really big mouse for a snack.

Maybe they are hiding in the spaces between the bales of hay. I'll have to sniff and find out. Nope, can't see mice inside here.

And nothing here either! Well, I think I'd better check on the grain bucket. Sometimes they climb in but they can't get out, and I can find a delightfully easy snack. It's easy "popcorn" pickens for a cat like me when a few little meeses are stuck in there.

Drat. Nothing.

I'd just better check out my cat bed again. Maybe the mice are hiding there.
Yeah that's the ticket.

Again! No mice!

I just think my hay bale-cat bed is calling me once again.
It says "Sleep Bingo....Sleep Bingo....Sleep Bingo, Sleep.

Like I said, I've been in the hay and been very, very LAZ-HAY.

Goodness. Somehow a yawn has escaped me. Hay bales are a sedative for barn cats. They are sleep inducing. Soporific. Great. Just Great. How am I ever to patrol the barn and discover a new adventure when I am so tired.

Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow. I am hopeless today or rather this spring. It's back to my cat nap.

Bye for now,