Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bingo's Journal - What Now?

Bingo the Mighty Adventurer here - I am once again looking for something to DO! As a cat it's my job to be frisky and frolic around our property.

Aha! I spy my best friend Lucky the Cat who is wandering nearby. He has a gleam in his eyes. He's probably looking for trouble. But trouble for cats can mean fun!

If I crouch down really low behind this rock I bet he won't see me. I am a cat and we are practically invisible when we scrunch like this. Or so it seems.

But drat! Then he sees me too! He thinks hiding in the brick rubble makes him see through. But he is totally obvious to me. I am a cat who sees all - especially my friend who is not well camouflaged. Heh, heh, heh . . . .

Whoa!!!! What does Lucky think he is doing? He's not supposed to be chasing me! I was going to chase him!! I guess I'd better RUN!

If I hide behind this car carrier I think I can stall him. He looks a little testy though. Never mess with a cat with ears that look like that! He is giving me the big bad cat stare down and I always pretend to cower in fear. I'm not really scared. It's just fun to act like I am afraid of him.

See - a few moments later we decide to call it a truce and walk leisurely across the yard together. We cats may play rough, chase each other ruthlessly and occasionally run like banshees, but . . .

. . . we are two cats who are always the best of buds in the end. As we walk off in the afternoon it's good to know I have a great friend. Everyone needs one. Even a cat.