Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bingo's Journal - Apparently I am a Cat who Likes Human Food

The small humans in my house left their food on the table the other day and I had to investigate just what they get for dinner! It smelled sweet and I thought I should take a taste. And I discovered that it was GOOD!! It was cool and yummy - even to a meat eating, meadow vole snacking, mouse nibbling cat . . .

It was so appetizing I wanted to chew on it too! My teeth do not work so well on large pieces of food but I gave it the old college try.

The Tall Lady said, "Bingo! Cat's aren't supposed to eat watermelon!" But I did not care. I kept sampling the human food.

Who said cats are only carnivorous?!! I am a cat who is obviously an omnivore. Who'd have known? Just don't ask how a cat knows the difference between the human words "carnivore and omnivore". Remember - I am a cat who promotes a large vocabulary. And I want all kids to have lots of words too!

Well, please excuse me now, I have some watermelon that I need to attend to.

Bye for now,