Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bingo's Journal - Happy Fireworks it's July!

I was walking around our farm when I encountered several bright lights glowing in the sky. I thought it was very odd indeed.

They looked like miniature suns. . . when did we get five suns? Did that happen when I was sleeping?

I moved in closer to inspect them more carefully. How could these suns be so close to the ground? Or were these big yellow discs just fireworks left over from the 4th of July?

When I got up close they were not on fire or even hot so they could not be the sun or a firework. That was strange. I expected them to be different and they were not what the seemed.

Upon detailed examination, I decided that these glowing globes were only flowers....I may have even heard the Tall Lady say "sun" flowers. Yeah, that's what they are!

I think these sunflowers are really nice. They add a certain dazzle to the day. They are bright and happy. They don't smell too bad either. Who knew I was a cat who liked sunflowers?!

These sunflowers are beautiful! These sunflowers are gorgeous. These sunflowers make me meow a happy tune. These sunflowers make me think of the long days of summer and how lucky I am to be a cat who lives on a farm.

I think that I should admit that I am one fortunate cat to have sunflowers to look at. I think I may be cat who appreciates my world and I am a cat who can even stop to smell the flowers . . . hee hee.

Peace out!

Bye for now,
Bingo, The Mighty Adventurer

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