Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Thoughts for A "Cat-tastic" Holiday

As Thanksgiving nears, I feel the need to share my cat-attude with the humans. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for cats because there are lots of tasty tidbits to be eaten. And if I plan just right I may be a cat who gets some nibbles of turkey . . . and before I stuff myself full I want to wish all children and adult humans a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Because I am a smarty-cat, I have been practicing my begging skills already.

But unfortunately I heard the news that no cat wants to hear. I was insulted by a human.

Apparently, from her lofty vantage - six feet over my little cat body - the Tall Lady said it looked like my belly has been expanding. I think her exact words were, "Bingo, you look like you swallowed a gopher . . ."

In my defense, I am an outdoor cat and I must grow some fur to keep me warm on those cold, cold nights that I am locked outside. It seems the Tall Lady insists that I, Bingo the Cat, can't sleep in the house. I don't know why . . . I only request to go out side around 3 am. All cats must go outside in the wee hours of the morning. We need to hunt rodents. Even in the coldest of weather. Thus, I have extra cat fur - not a gopher belly!!

Then the Tall Lady captured me in a moment of weakness. It just may be possible that I am guilty as charged . . .

Even cats have to go on diets after the holiday feasting. And I will be no exception since I must maintain my svelte cat figure for my action adventure books.

Well, I wish everyone a joyful Thanksgiving!!

Bye for now,
Bingo (the Cat)