Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bingo's Journal - Fall Really Comes in December Where I Live . . .

As a cat, I observe the changing of the seasons around my home and I noticed that all the leaves were falling off the trees! Strange. Apparently, trees shed their leaves as it gets colder, just as I grow my fur coat thicker when the frost is in the air. But I digress.

Cat's notice lots of stuff that humans don't think we see. But, I am a cat who sees everything! Like this . . . a human girl peeking at me from behind a leaf! Hrumph! I know who she is already! Does she think she can hide?!?

So the little human girl was playing in the fallen leaves. I am not sure why she thought this was a fun thing to do. But through my cat's eyes, I had to see what would happen next. Humans can do strange things . . . at least it seems that way to a cat.

Three! Two! One! Ka-pow!

Leaves were floating everywhere! What fun. Now lots of falling leaves are something that a cat can understand. I had to move in so I could sniff around and get a better understanding of what was going on with those leaves.

Yellow leaves, brown leaves, round leaves, heart-shaped leaves, speckled leaves! For a cat, I have a great descriptive vocabulary, if I do say so myself. I'd like kids to have a great vocabulary too! My award winning picture book, Bingo's Big Adventure, introduces lots of new words to kids!

And even though I am just a cat, I want kids to explore and have fun in nature! Just like me. I like to search and find and discover new stuff. Children should have the same chance to find adventure too!

Burying my head deep in the leaves, I can smell with my cat nose. My sensitive cat nostrils can detect a twinge of mold and maybe even a mouse. Yep! A mouse was here!

But wait! Trouble is brewing! My cat fur started to stand up! Alert! Alert! Something is happening!! Oh NO! It's LUCKY! He is my friend, but sometimes he wrestles with me a wee bit too hard.

And it looks like he is a cat who is out to cause TROUBLE today!

Oh, NO! I must flee! I must run! I must leap! I must escape! I'm not getting into a tussle with that cat! I may be a Mighty Adventurer, but I am a peaceful explorer. Gotta run!

Until next time!
Bye for now,
Bingo the Cat (aka Bingo the Mighty Adventurer)