Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bingo's Journal - They Won't Stop Following Me

So, being a "Mighty Adventurer" I can claim much action and excitement in my daily life.  I explore, I hunt, I run, I hide. This picture, for example, shows my ability to evade be captured by human children.  I regret that they are always getting into my business.

But in exchange for the loving embrace that some children bless me with, I am a cat who is the master of this . . . amazing countryside.

And I am a cat who get to take naps under blooming shrubs where bees and insects gather nectar.  Somehow, there are quite a few pictures of me lazing around our property when I should be out doing something exciting.  But I must rest sometimes . . .

But then again, there is a line which I must draw.  I declair that if the Tall Lady takes just one more picture of me, her camera will break!  Yes BREAK!!

So to help her NOT damage her camera, I quietly crawl into my own little cat house and sleep where I can escape the paparazzi . . . well sort of.

Bye for now,

Bingo the cat, aka the Mighty Adventurer