Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bingo's Journal - It's October and Halloween is Coming

Since Halloween is coming at the end of this month I wanted to talk a little about my friend Lucky.  He's a black cat and black cats are NOT bad luck.  Black cats get a bad rap in some parts of the world and I want to say NO to that.  Black cats are awesome!  See how peaceful we hang out together.

And Lucky is a favorite of our little humans. He plays with them and tolerates their   games without question.  I think he is good luck since he gets such a nice response from the little humans!

I want all cats, especially black cats to feel safe and secure in their world like our Lucky!  I think black cats are just as "lucky" as any other cat!  So let's remember that black cats are not bad luck on Halloween.

While thinking about the fall, I took some time to reflect upon the long shadows at the afternoon's end.  I watched the human boy playing in the dirt. I think playing in the dirt is a great thing.  He's using his paws to DO stuff.  Kids need to just get dirty some times!  And adult humans just need to say YES to dirt too!

I was also thinking about how I get teased by this titmouse at the bird feeder - ALL THE TIME!   I sit and watch him and he screams at me!!!  Birds.....I'm just sayin' . . . they frustrate me.  

Bye for now,
Bingo the Mighty Adventurer