Bingo's Big Adventure

Bingo's Big Adventure by Julia King is a visually engaging story book for children ages 3 to 8.  Preschoolers to beginner readers will enjoy the real-world photography within this story which suits visual learning and motivates independent reading. Kids will be drawn to Bingo’s message of curiosity, his spirit of self discovery, and his inclination to test his own limits.  To browse through the book in its full form visit YouTube.

Julia King here, I'm the author of Bingo's Big Adventure. I'd like to introduce Bingo, the newest cat on our farm. Bingo's Big Adventure is a children's book which tells the story of this cat's first outing to the world around our home. Bingo is a kitty adventurer and has a day exploring the new sights and smells of the great outdoors. He meets another cat who lives on the property and encounters a domineering rooster. He sniffs, watches, and learns about his new world in this story.

The story of Bingo's Big Adventure is told from his point of view and the text is accompanied by vibrant photos showing Bingo in action. His encounters with the other animals on the farm are illustrated through full color prints which beautifully exhibit his new life and adventures.

The first review I can provide you is from a member of my immediate family. He may be a little bit prejudiced, but according to my five year old son Wyatt, "You will like it!"

Bingo's book begins like this:

And later on in Bingo's outing, he sharpens his claws and climbs to new heights...

So you see, there is an action packed adventure for kids to look at while following the story of Bingo. He is an explorer extraordinaire.

Bingo is also attracted by the sight of a special chicken, a rooster who is irresistible to him.

Bingo learns a lesson in caution and just how far he can push himself by chasing after Mr. D. Then he goes running home to safety... A nap and reflection of the day's events wraps up this story. Perfect for kids to understand about real life.

To browse through Bingo's Big Adventure in its full form visit YouTube.

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