Bingo Is A Town Cat

Bingo was adopted as a teenage cat from Town Cats (, a no-kill rescue shelter in Morgan Hill, California.  Town Cats saves hundreds of cats every year from euthanization at county shelters.

Adopting an older cat instead of a kitten is a great way to bring a new feline into your home.  Older cats often do not have the same “fluffy” appeal as kittens, but are so much easier to assimilate because they don’t climb the curtains or otherwise tear apart your home.

When you are looking for a new feline friend to bring into your family, please consider adopting older kittens and cats who might otherwise be passed by in a shelter.  They have so much to offer and need your help too!

If you write "Town Cats" in your message when paying with Pay Pal, 1 dollar for each book sold will be donated to the Town Cats organization.