Recommended Reading

Bingo is an avid reader of children's picture books which span in publication from 1960's through 2012. Here is his favorite, super fabulous, top 75+ list. Click on picture to go to Amazon if you want to see more about the book or purchase it.

Bingo recommends reading in any order:

Hamlet and the Magnificent Sand Castle - Bravery, face challenges, fun images.

Cowboy Bunnies - Simple story with cowboy "kids" as wranglers.

The Gardener - Beautiful thoughts about transformation and the future.

 The Legend of the Golden Snail - Fun find games and liberating theme.

Oxcart Man - Handmade trade in "olden" days with work hard theme to get reward.

Sailing Home - Tale of time gone by with sailing vessel and ocean life.

 My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks - Good silly stinky fun.

Fleas! - Journey in "trades" earns farmer a dog. 

The Honeybee Man - Fascinating details on what a bee would do in the city.

Cornfield Hide and Seek - Fun on the farm with hide and seek.

Little Tom Turkey - Rhyming story of turkey polt growth to adult Tom.

Finklehopper Frog - Rhyming tale of jogging frog. 

Cesar Takes a Break - Iguana roams the halls at school during vacation.

Way Out in the Desert - Rhyming desert tale with native fauna.

The Color Kittens - Classic Wise-Brown.

Mammoths on the Move - Rhyming migration tale with awesome imagery.

Hotel Deep - Gorgeous illustrations and mini story within book. "Shakespeare" like with story within story."

Go Track a Yak! - Silly story with mean old witch and a baby. 

Dex - Little guy proves he's powerful through his hard work.

The Cheese - Fantastic spin on the farmer in the dell.

Hurry! - How hay used to be harvested. 

Sugaring - How maple syrup is harvested and processed.

Story Time for Little Porcupine - Three great tales of "why" stuff happens in the universe.

Grumpy Cat - Mean cat learns to be nice with help from kitten.

Cat Kong - Fun parody of King Kong with mice and cats.

Hurry and the Monarch - Life cycle of monarch butterfly told from ancient tortoise view.

Beatrice's Goat - How goats in Africa are helping families raise their standard of living.

Why Mosquitos Buzz in Peoples Ears - Tale of pesky mosquito causing cascade of problems.

Johnny Appleseed - Beautiful rhyming story of the apple pioneer.

The Surprise Family - Chicken raises brood of ducks and faces challenges.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes - Bunny mom shows she can do anything.

Clarence Goes Out West and Meets a Purple Horse - Pig goes to dude ranch and rescues an older horse.

The Bee Tree - Adventure on finding a wild bee hive and harvesting honey.

Every Cowgirl needs a Horse - Girl finds a bicycle can be her "horse" and is happy!

Rooster's Revenge - Wordless story with funky characters and cool pictures to make up your own tale.  Dragon eggs involved!

Purplishous - Mean girls tease Pinkalishous but she finds a friend who likes pink.  Pink is a powerful color.

An Egg is Quiet - How eggs look, hide, and hatch into birds, fish, insects or other creatures.  Gorgeous.

Black and White - Four part tale of strange cattle heist/bank robber escape.

The Wonderful House - Funky wonky weird in a good way story about house with animals inside.

The Sleepy Book - How animals get ready for sleep.

The Two Little Gardeners - Detail of how to plant a garden, care for it, and see it grow.

Mister Dog - Boy and dog team up for chow and comfort.

The Friendly Book - ? Just great.

Lost! - Bear gets lost in city. Boy helps him find home.  Boy gets lost.  Bear helps him back.

Iron Horses - Train perils during construction of the transcontinental rail road.

Flat Foot Fox Series
Brambly Hedge Series
Little Rat Series

Elmer - Checkerboard elephant fools herd by painting himself gray.

Luka's Quilt - Girl learns beauty in simplicity.

Conejito - Crazy rabbit story.  Rabbit tricks predators.

Thunder Cake - Grandma teaches granddaughter how to bake during storm to make you feel better.

Max's Chocolate Chicken - Max fools sister Ruby and eats Easter candy.  Silly fun.

When the Moon is Full - Poems about moon cycle.

Twenty-one Elephants - Girl wishes to have elephants go over Brooklyn Bridge to prove it is safe for her family to cross.

Nine for California - Family takes stagecoach ride for 21 days to reach the gold fields of California.

Boomtown - How frontier towns grew during early California history.

Emily and the Golden Acorn - Old oak tree is a sailing vessel. 

Steeeeam Boat A-comin' - Mississippi river history in motion.

The Animal Hedge - Father with three sons helps them figure out their future.

Buffalo Music - Frontier woman saves baby buffalo which helps save the species from extinction.

Possum's Harvest Moon - Party at possum's house!!

The Bird's Gift - Birds rescued from early snow and give Easter gift in spring.

Songs of Freedom - Tale of family traveling on the underground rail road.

Rainbowfish and the Sea Monsters Cave - Fish team up to conquer fears and help a friend.

Zella, Zack and Zodiac - Pay it forward story.  Zebra saves ostrich chick.  Ostrich chick pays back the favor.

Kermit the Hermit - Old geezer crab pays back boy who saves his life.

The Pinkish, Purplish, Bluish Egg - Don't fear something just because you have been told tales about it.

Wump World - If we pollute our planet it will be destroyed....

Zen Shorts - Life lessons about "letting it go", "kindness to those less fortunate than you", and "good and bad luck."

Beetle Bop - Simple rhyming about beautiful bugs!

Squirrel and John Muir - Young girl and John Muir in Yosemite talk about natural history, change and mighty glaciers.

The Ant and The Elephant - Classic pay it forward.  Fabulous.

Robert the Rose Horse - Silly story about sneezing horse.

Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo - How little actions can have a ripple effect.

The Three Little Javelinas - Great twist on the Three Little Pigs.