School Assemblies

Affordable elementary school assemblies with Julia King may be scheduled in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Elementary school visits are organized by grade level with classes merged together for a 30 to 45 minute presentation by Ms. King.  During the first 15 minutes Ms. King discusses specific grade-level appropriate topics on successful writing strategies.  During the second half of the presentation Bingo's Big Adventure or Bingo Explores the Farm is read by the author followed by questions.

Grade level subjects are discussed as follows and can be changed to meet curriculum of individual schools.

For example:
Kindergarten - Picture walk.
Grades 1-2 - Basic Writing Strategies and Habits.
Grade 3 - Publishing, Plots, Descriptive Writing.
Grade 4-6 - Story Concept Development and Inspiration.  Writing Careers.

Assembly Book Sales

Book sales at school events may be coordinated through a local independent bookstore or directly with King Publishing.  Through King Publishing a 25% discount off the cover price for both hardback and softback books may be applied to all in school sales.

1/2 day - $300.00
Full day - $450.00
Times may be adjusted to meet school schedules.

Modest travel expenses apply to locations outside the south bay area.

For questions, or to book an appearance by Julia King, please call King Publishing at 408.591.6465 or send an e-mail to

Ms. King has presented Bingo's Big Adventure and strategies for writing at:
Valley Christian Elementary School, San Jose, CA
Belmont Oaks Academy, Belmont, CA
Dilworth Elementary School, Cupertino, CA
George Shirakawa Sr. Elementary, San Jose, CA
San Martin/Gwen Elementary, San Martin, CA
Paradise Valley Elementary, Morgan Hill, CA
Forest Hill Elementary, Saratoga, CA
Nordstorm Elementary, Morgan Hill, CA
The Imagination Festival, San Juan Batista, CA
Barrett Elementary, Morgan Hill, CA
Los Animas Elementary, Gilroy, CA
Charter School of Morgan Hill, CA

Moira Barker, Principal at Barrett Elementary School said, "Thank you so much for coming to our school to share your beautifully photographed and touching story Bingo’s Big Adventure. The students enjoyed following the adventures and antics of Bingo who is quite a character. They especially appreciated the writing and revising tips. This applied directly to their studies as the upper grade students have been working on the publishing step of their own writing. You gave many useful tips such as writing what they know about and carefully revising each sentence and word choice. Your participation and input into the students’ education made a real impact."

At Charter School of Morgan Hill, 1st Grade Teacher Danielle DeRome said, "Julia King is thoroughly engaging, down to earth, and delightful - just like her book. This was the students' second reading of Bingo's Big Adventure, but they loved it just as much as the first time. Of special significance to me was that Julia talked to the students as from author to author. She patiently explained the entire process of publishing her book, from thinking through the concept to writing and re-writing, revising and editing, sending off copies to editors, receiving rejection letters or no response, then getting a positive response. Julia entertained my young authors' numerous questions about the writing process, fully inspiring them and empowering them to pursue their own writing interests."

Kathy Yeager, Principal at Nordstrom Elementary said, "I would like to thank Ms. King for sharing “Bingo’s Big Adventure” with our lower grade students. Her presentation was fun and informative. The students were fascinated with her ability to make an everyday outdoor experience into a literary tale. We look forward to hearing more about Bingo and his life on the farm!"

References for these school appearances are available upon request.