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Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Bingo's Big Adventure is an engaging and exquisitely photographed children's book which offers readers a playful peek into the natural world from the perspective and voice of an inquisitive cat named Bingo. 

Julia King's endearing photographs and amusing text capture the curiosity of a newly adopted cat named Bingo. This delightful, easy to read story follows Bingo on his explorations of the farm on which he now lives. Whether touching the dangerous wheels of a farm truck, sniffing out friendship in the family's other cat, Jimmy, climbing trees for a better view, chasing roosters, or scampering across the gravel road; Bingo discovers the excitement and wonder of his new environment. This story has a quiet message about observation that urges children to notice the little things around them that, with a little imagination, could become big adventures. 

When your children fall in love with Bingo (and they will) you can continue the fun online with Bingo's Journal an adorable photo diary available on the website. 

This story is a great fit for children ages 3-8. Homeschoolers can use the story as a starting point to launch into further discussions of the natural world, a study on cats or even use the text to casually introduce young children to the five senses. This story is a joy for all children (and cat-loving adults). Though it could be easily extended for further educational value, it is not exclusive to homeschoolers or any one group, but appeals to all children. 

I was very impressed by the friendly text that captures the personality and spirit of a curious country cat. The pictures are lively and have a natural flow with the story... to see the full review please click to Old Schoolhouse Magazine. 

Midwest Book Review
Bingo's Big Adventure is a brightly lit photo-perfect story about a partly grown gray striped cat named Bingo, otherwise known as "the Mighty Adventurer!" Told in rhyming lines that describe a young cat's curiosity, Bingo's Big Adventure will appeal to children ages 3-8 with all its colored, farm -scene action photos and exciting moments. Cats are creatures that master the art of living in the present at a very young age. Bingo's Big Adventure spells this out in story, picture, and verse in an unforgettable reading experience.

Amanda Richards "Modest to the extreme" (Georgetown, Guyana) (TOP 50 REVIEWER)    (REAL NAME)    (VINE VOICE)  on Amazon.
A day in the life of a teen cat (and Bingo is his name-o) adopted from "Town Cats", a no-kill rescue shelter in California. This full color picture book translates his feline feelings on his first day in the countryside, exploring new territory.

Trucks and trees provide an initial thrill, and after some trepidation, a bigger cat proves to be less terrible than he looks. However, when Bingo decides to take on a formidable fowl, he has to make his biggest decision yet.

The photos of this photogenic little fellow are the outstanding feature of the book, both for the natural settings and the wonderful subject composition, perfectly focused and beautifully lit.

Love it for the photographs, and then read it aloud to a kid near you - purr-fect.  

Lara DiPaola - DC Examiner
Many a study has shown that reading to your child, at any age, is one of the best ways to help them along in their journey to being a life-long learner.

Mother, botanist and author, Julia King has found a way to inspire not only small minds but those on the cusp of developing their idea of self, or "What I want to be when I grow up" ~the tween~

Her newly released book titled; Bingo's Big Adventure weaves the tale of, Bingo, a cat new to farm life and all the adventures found there. Though this book may sound like it is geared to smaller children, the underlying life lesson and beautiful imagery are sure to inform and entertain even your tween. Julia lends Bingo a unique voice that translates age, helps to build vocabulary skills and sparks the imagination.

Ann Horner - Owner of Thinker Toys of California 
Bingo was adopted in our town and we decided to carry his story in our toy store. Bingo's Big Adventure has been our most popular book since we began carrying it a few weeks ago. Many children have commented on Bingo and we have heard only wonderful feedback on this book. It is written from Bingo's point of view and the readers really enjoy listening to Bingo tell of his big adventures. The photography pulls you into Bingo's world and you get the sense of paling around with a fantastic cat out to discover the world. A great choice for any child. They love the adventure too and it is sure to be a hit! Enjoy!

Ryan Ashley Scott - Optimistic Cynicism - I got my copy just yesterday and my 4-year-old son is absolutely in love with Bingo. It's not like any other book we own (and we own a couple hundred children's books). Very unique and beautifully photographed, this story allows children to think critically, make observations, and guess at what's going to happen - it involves them in the book, making it that much more fun to read. Love it, Julia!
Faith - Santa Cruz, CA - Folks, now that I have the hard copy (autographed) edition in my hands, I have to say it is absolutely wonderful, some of the photographs are stunning. I recommend you buy at least two copies, one to keep and one to share with a special child or a cat, rooster, or farm loving friend.

z hayes (TX)
(TOP 10 REVIEWER)    (VINE VOICE)  on Amazon 
This is a wonderful picture book for the 4-8 age group. The story follows the adventures of Bingo the cat, who finds himself in new surroundings after his human owners move into a new home. Being a naturally curious and precocious cat, Bingo sets off on an adventure, exploring the sights around his new home. The story is all the more engaging because it is told from Bingo's point of view, which I felt was a refreshing approach, and my kindergartener found the story charming. She was especially fascinated by the beautiful color photographs that are generously found throughout the book. The photographs enhance the story, especially as they aptly capture Bingo's adventurous spirit!

I can tell this book is a labor of love on the part of the author/photographer - there is so much detail in the text and the photographs capture the essence of the story perfectly. Some of the highlights in this book include the rather awkward introduction between Bingo and Jimmy, another cat, as well as Bingo's confrontation with a territorial rooster. I can picture this book becoming part of a series featuring Bingo's adventures. My daughter is an intermediate reader and she was able to read this book with some help from me. I think books with real-world photography and stories like "Bingo's Big Adventure" will suit visual learners and motivate young children to read, as they make real-world connections. Highly recommended for public/school/home libraries.

Linda Brown (Colorado)
This is a delightful book about a real cat adopted from a local no-kill shelter. Bingo isn't a baby, but a teenager who gets to go live on a farm. The book is full of photos and delightful text. My three grandchildren ages 8, 6, and 2 loved it the first time I read to them. After that I saw the 8 year old reading it to the other two at least three more times.

This is a great book for anyone's children's library.   

Karen Scarvie, Founder of The Wooden Horse Toy Store, Los Gatos, CA - "I couldn't help falling in love with Bingo. This new kitty, just brimming with curiosity, is taking tentative and halting first steps into the great unknown. He's not really a "fraidy cat." Rather, he's a cautious risk-taker, just getting the lay of the land. Children will love journeying along with this adventurer as he explores and learns, and they will instinctively understand him too."

Sara - Adorable book, Great for Kids and Adults, July 3, 2010 (Ohio)
"I am a mom to a 5 and 4 year old (boy and girl). They LOVED this book. Without reading the story the first time through the book, the pictures told the story of Bingo. My two interpreted and talked about how cats and chickens can be friends. This book is told from Bingo's point of view and for my kids this really drew them into the story. The story evokes their imagination and they added to the story and related it to their cats and their future plans to have chickens. I can't wait for the next book. GREAT photography, story telling and such a joy to have this book that will grow with my kids as they learn to read. The author has done a superb job with the story and the pictures."

Suzanne - A Very Important Book, July 5, 2010 (California)
"I read this book to my visiting 4-year-old granddaughter over the holiday weekend. She LOVED it! She loved the story and she said she really liked the colors. She told me that "it is a very important book". It was interesting to get a 4-year-old's perspective. After we read the book together, she wanted to look through it all over again on her own. I signed it "To Avery Rose from Grande". She will always remember that special time we spent together with this wonderful book."

Heather Poinsett Dunbar rated it: 5 of 5 stars  Jul 15, 2010

Bingo's Big Adventure is a beautiful story about a rescued cat living on a farm and his adventure outside. Bingo explores a tractor, chickens, a tree, and it brings back wonderful memories of my cats adventures.

Believe it or not I read it to my three cats and they seemed to enjoy it and the pictures of Bingo and his friends as much as I did. Even my husband, thought it was a wonderful tale.

I also love that the author's book is based on cats that were adopted.

It's a book I'll probably take into work and share with the children's librarians. It has a great message and will capture the interest of animal-lovers of all ages.

More on the way here . .  Since Bingo's Big Adventure has just been published, this section is building one review at a time!  If you want to add yours I'd would love to include it too. 

BookWyrm - Engaging, Striking, and Fun - August 16, 2010
As a former elementary school teacher, I am thrilled to have discovered this book. It is delightfully engaging through both the lively writing and the vivid photographs, and tells a simple, timeless story of discovery and exploration -- without even a touch of the heavyhanded moralizing that ruins so many modern children's books. It is a fresh, open story.

This book will stand the test of time and I predict it will become a classic children's story for preschoolers through middle elementary students. Bingo, Mr. D the rooster, and Jimmy the Cat, as well as the farm, are captured in excellent photographs that are a pleasure to study. I hope that Bingo's Big Adventure is the just the beginning of many children's books by Ms. King.

Captain Dumbass - Super Blogger - Us and Them
Bingo's Big Adventure is a cute story about a real kitten Julia adopted and brought home to her farm. The book is filled with beautiful real life photos that follow Bingo for a day and the story is written through his eyes. The boys loved these since kids books tend to be filled with artwork instead of photography so it was a little different for them. They got some big laughs out of Bingo climbing a tree and trying to sneak up on a rooster. My ability to mimic a rooster at high volume made the story a total hit with the kids. My rooster noises that got the kids all wound up before bedtime was not a hit with my wife.

So two thumbs up from the boys. Ok, not literally, but when Connor went to bed that night he told us that he was going to dream about being Bingo, so that must be good. Also, whenever they watch Milo and Otis now they feel a need to bring Bingo with them. That's got to mean something, right?

If you like roosters, you have to check out Julia's new book, Bingo's New Adventure. The book chronicles a day in the life of Bingo the cat. Junior loves it, especially the full color pictures (Julia's got some pretty awesome pictures on her blog, too). Bingo encounters another cat, some chickens and a big ole rooster. Junior has actually taken to running around the house yelling, "I'm Bingo! The Mighty Adventurer!" The book offers a great taste of the outdoors for kids.